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Last Egg Standing

Last Egg Standing is a skill game in which you will be a fox to collect eggs of hens by baskets in a henhouse. There are four hens in separate decks in this chicken house. You are holding a basket to wait the hens to lay eggs. You can use arrow keys to change position of the fox. Catch as many eggs as you can. You can also collect bonus eggs for special features, red egg will give you an extra life, blue egg increases another basket for you, yellow egg award you high score. Watch out for the rotten green egg, for it takes one life from you. As levels get higher, the speed that hens lay eggs will become quicker and quicker.
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1 Bogdan  
Go to Easter Eggs Level 1-15. The Golden Egg is hidden and you must do three steps to get the egg. First, you must break the patch of grass at the bototm of the hill, on the left of your slingshot. Then a round block of wood will appear, it is at the bototm of the hill, on the right of your slingshot, break it. After you do that, the Golden Egg will drop down and start swinging aim. You have two chances to hit the egg and get it. You can see Golden Egg #16 Video Walkthrough at here.

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